Cold Room Refrigeration

We also provide cold room refrigeration services in Oxford to large as well as small scale businesses. Our main goal is to provide storage facilities to our clients so that they can store their products in them. We guarantee you that the cold room refrigeration services we provide to our clients keep their products fresh and long-lasting. If you are looking for some reasonable cold room refrigeration facilities, then we are the solution to all your problems.

Perishable items can be stored in a cool room such as vegetables, fruits, meat, seafood, dry products, flowers, plants, pharmaceutical products, and artwork.  It is a common misconception that only edible items can be stored in a cold room. However, that is exactly not the case. We provide cold room refrigeration in London to any and everything which needs perseverance.  Typically, cold rooms are used for storing the products in between the trade. So ideally, we keep the food stored in our cold rooms for about a maximum of 3 days. It also depends on the product that is being stored in a cold room that for how long it can be preserved.

We can also give you guidelines for how long you can store the food in the refrigerator in order to keep it tasty and safe to eat. Also, keeping the food cold for a long time in the cold room refrigerators reduces the risk of food poisoning. Though the cold rooms have the purpose of storing food for a long period of time it is recommended that the food is not refrigerated for an extended period of time.