Cold Storage Refrigerator

We also have the facility of cold storage refrigerator. Having your own refrigerator is very beneficial for businesses that are operating on a small scale. For those who don’t want to rent a complete storage room, we have the option of renting one or two refrigerators. Our cold storage refrigerators are designed according to the type of products which are going to be stored in them. We always have the appliance thermometer in the refrigerator and the freezer to monitor the temperature which will ensure that the cold storage refrigeration system is working perfectly fine. We leave no chances behind of our client’s products getting destroyed by the negligence or the fault in our refrigeration systems.

The refrigerator we use in our cold storage is a compressor refrigerator. They have two types of cooling, one is direct cooling and the other one is indirect cooling. You can choose whichever settings you want according to the type of products that you are planning to store in it.

Our main aim is to provide you with cold storage refrigeration systems that you can use for storing your perishable products such as fruits, vegetables, poultry, and any other item which you want to get stored. We respect the needs of our clients as we know that everyone has different goals and requirements. Reliable and seamless storage is your right and at the same time is good for the business as well.

We are experienced and capable of providing the most efficient and cost-effective refrigeration systems. We also deal in C02 cascade refrigeration system which is proven to have lower first installation costs and decreased energy costs. Therefore, you can get storage facilities in the C02 cascade refrigeration system at a very reasonable price. Also at the same time, it provides safer storage of your products and a safe environment for the employees to work in.