Industrial cold rooms

We offer industrial cold storage facilities to our clients. The cold rooms we have are large ones which have an enormous food storing capacity and can store huge stocks of food. Industrial cold rooms are very vital for a business operating on a large scale because you need to store your products for preserving their freshness and increasing their shelf life. Our cold rooms are maintained at the temperature of 15°C to -40°C. We have cold rooms that are constructed by using a variety of insulation and fire-resistant materials.  We have a sufficient number of coolers in our cold rooms so you don’t have to worry about your products getting rotten.

Customers also face the concern that where are they going to store their stuff when an undeniably large amount of space is taken up the coolers. You need not worry about this. Inside our industrial cold rooms, we have effectively managed the space and organized it as much as possible. The cold storage we have is organized with shelves and other compartments so that the products are not crammed like in other conventional freezers and also so that the products are readily available whenever you want them.

Our industrial cold rooms are also safely secured with an automatic control system in them which is very easy to access. The risk of other electrical problems is also significantly lowered because of the walk-in industrial unit. We also take into consideration the health of your employees as in an industrial cold room the staff won’t have to stoop to retrieve the items or stretch to lift them. Our cold rooms are versatile meaning that they can be used for a variety of purposes like for a food processing plant, a pharmaceutical industry, a vegetable or a food storage warehouse, and even for cold chain or logistics.